Medication: The stigma behind mental health

You look fine, you were ok yesterday, you don't need medication, just think positive and my all time favourite stop worrying. These are all comments I have heard in regards to mental health not just aimed at me but others too.

Yes mental health is being more talked about these days, although there is still a stigma surrounding it. Taking medication for mental health issues seems to have even more stigma attached. This is frustrating for someone such as myself who finds medication a helpful tool for maintaimg my mental health.

There are so many misconceptions about using medication to help you. I've been on and off antidepressants since 2009 after my Dad passed away and they have been a big help when I've felt I needed them.

Medication will turn you into a zombie 
People often believe that the medication will change your personality and won't be yourself  anymore. This is not true, when I am battling with depression and anxiety medication helps me to reduce the symptoms which in turn makes me feel more myself again. Like most medication there are side effects which vary person to person.There are also other brands of antidepressants to try if one doesn't work for you.

Medication is an easy fix
This is not true. You don't just pop a pill and your all happy again its just not how it works. Medication doesn't make you feel instantly happy it just helps you to feel less low and to motivate you to do other things that will help with your recovery. 

Medication means I've failed/am weak
There are people who try to make you feel better by saying why not try exercising more for example which leads to us feeling as if we aren't trying hard enough and taking medication is admitting defeat. This isn't the case at all in fact being strong enough to admit you need help and taking medication to help you feel better is a huge step and certainly not weak. 

I've gone through denial many times not wanting to admit when something is wrong. This has meant that in the past I didn't seek the help I needed which wasn't the right way to go. I wanted to struggle on my own but it wasn't healthy at all. Getting the help you need whether that is by taking medication, having threapy or some other way is a way of looking after yourself.

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