6 ways to increase the value of your home

Getting on the property ladder these days is hard with the ever growing prices. For some of us, choosing a home is about picking a forever home and for others its about making an investment. For us its about getting on the housing ladder and being able to own our first home. 

If you are already a homeowner and wanting to increase the value of your property than here are some ideas to help you out.

Upgrade your Windows 
New windows can be an expensive but definitely worthwhile investment. Opting for double glazed PVC windows are a popular choice and a must have for most potential buyers. This is because they are not only easy to maintain but are also energy sufficient and very secure. Aluminium windows are another option to consider and you can install them by yourself.

Update front of the home
A lick of paint to your front door and window frames can create a great first impression. If you have a garden at the front keeping that area maintened and digging up the weeds is a must. The first thing someone notices when they view a property is the front of the house so making it look its best makes it attractive to potential buyers.

Paint the house
This doesn't have to be a colour refresh but topping up the colour you already have. This makes the home look new and fresh although you may want to rethink the bright and garnish colours as they can be off putting.

Replace flooring
If your flooring is still in great quality than a good clean should be fine. However any bright colours and patterns are off putting so opting for neutral carpet or wooden flooring is a great option. 

Concentrate on kitchen and bathroom areas
These are some of the important rooms in the home. The condition of these rooms play a huge part in the offer you may get for your home. If you have time and money to do so then investing in doing up the kitchen and/or bathroom is worth while its amazing how you can transform these spaces to look their best.

Ensure the heating system is up to scratch
The central heating system is an integral part of your home. Its important to have the right set up in the home. I've seen many properties online stating that the property has a new central heating system and from my research getting a new boiler can help to increase the value of your home. 

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