Kinetic Sand: Mess Free Play with the beach sand kingdom

Build amazing sandcastles anywhere with the Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom! Today I am sharing with you my thoughts on the set and why we love it. So what is Kinetic Sand? Kinetic Sand is a mouldable sand that looks and feels like wet beach sand, however works in a different way as it kind of sticks together. It's easy to shape, mould and clean up. Although the sand feels wet it isn't and best of all it flows through your hands without sticking. 

Blake loves anything sensory and the sand at pre-school is one of his favourite outdoor activities. Living in a flat with no garden means we wanted to find an alternative and the Kinetic Sand Beach Sand kingdom set is perfect for us! 

Although I don't know fully the ingredients used I know that real sand is part of it and that the sand is wheat, gluten and casein free. The sand also doesn't dry out either so can be used again and again and again....

You can find a wide range of different Kinetic Sand sets that include different coloured sand ( we also own a green set) with different styles of tools and moulds. This set though includes :

- 3lbs of beach sand 
- 8 castle themed tools and moulds 
-  A sand box 

The six castle themed moulds can be used to create walls, bridges, towers and more. Whilst the two tools can be used to cut,dig, rake and shovel the Kinetic Sand. The box doubles up as the sand box to keep everything contained which we find extremely handy.  Once finished playing all you need to do is pop it in an air tight container to be used again. 

 We love that the set gives us a chance to have mess free fun indoors. There is enough sand to be able to fit in the sand box when squished down flat. The tools and moulds make it so much fun for Blake to use his imagination when building digging etc. I definitely think its a great way to bring sand into your home without the mess of real sand.

I love that the box can be used as the sand pit. Although its good at keeping most of the sand contained in the box Blake does tend to love throwing sand and pushing the sand out of the box. Because of this we will be also getting the tuff tray out next time  to pop the box in just to keep it a little more contained. 

Overall the Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom Set is a hit in our household and not just with Blake either as I've found it to be quite therapeutic.  The set retails at £19.99 on Amazon and is suitable for children 3 years and over.

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