Community spirit and sustainability in 2018

*In collaboration with Glasdon

Have you heard of the global goals? I hadn't, it was agreed by world leaders to set 17 goals for a better world by 2030. It's been suggested that these goals for sustainable development could end poverty, fight inequality and bring a hault to climate change. The question now is where do we come in?

Social responsibility doesn't just fall on one person but on all of us making changes to comply with ethical standards. By making small changes to your daily life it will help you to live sustainably, help protect the environment as well as inspire others around you.

There are many things you can do whether at home, out and about, with family or even within the community.  In fact I'm doing some of these myself out of choice any way.

At home

- Reduce, reuse and recycle 

This for me is one area we need to work more in in our household. So many items come in plastic packaging and its something I really want to reduce. I've made a start in the bathroom by using naked shampoo, condioner and deodorant bars. I'm going to also share with you in another post on more things you can do to reduce the use of plastic. We try not to waste food by using and buying only what we need.  We recycle a high percentage of our rubbish but know we can do so much better! Items such as clothing we  no longer need are sent to charity shops so they don't end up in land field.

- Save Energy
Turning off light switches and plug sockets can reduce your power consumption. Drying clothing outside instead of in the tumble dryer is another way too. When the weather gets cooler grab a jumper instead of turning on the heating and lower your thermostat. By doing these and more you can protect the environment and also save yourself some money.

- Family
It's important to teach and encourage children to help grow a more socially aware generation. Children copy what they see others doing especially their parents so modelling to them about reducing, reusing and recycling makes them aware of the environment and they will hopfully copy and continue to do the same. 

- The community
When out and about we always put our rubbish in the bin or take it home with us. Making use of the recycling bins available like the ones from Glasdon and putting our rubbish in the correct bins means that we are ensuring that they are disposed of correctly.

On the go

- Reuse shopping bags

We try to always remember to take our bags for life with us when shopping. Sometimes we forget but its definitely something that is more of a habit when we are leaving the home to pick up.

- Disposable coffee cups: are they being recycled correctly?

Unfortunately not everyone is disposing their coffee cups correctly. It's definitely something to be more aware of if you love having a takeaway drink. Or maybe you can purchase a reusable cup instead?

- Opt out of single use containers 

Instead of grabbing a sandwich or something when out and about which are packed in plastic (some can't be recycled) opt for reusable packaging and making your own lunch. Bear in mind that doing so also saves you money as it is so much cheaper to make your own lunch.

- Straws

Plastic straws take 200 years to breakdown and are unable to biodegrade. Lots of restaurants and bars are now boycotting them. Since last year I've been using metal straws at home and try not to use plastic straws when out and about.

In need of more inspiration? Then why not check out these 10 ideas for a sustainable living.

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