Dear Stuart ~10 years ~

Dear Stuart 

Wow 10 years have flown by don't you think? So much has happened in that time both good and bad. I certainly at 18 didn't know what the future would be like and if we would still be together and I'm so glad that we are! I'm pretty sure 10 years ago at the age of 23 you had no idea either.

I wanted to share with you some memories over the last 10 years in no particular order to look back on: 

- Moving to Leighton Buzzard to live with you

- Getting engaged new years 2009

-  A weekend away to Cambridge in that amazing luxury hotel  

- Ben and Jerrys festival

- Blackpool trip to get see the Christmas light switch on

- Our first pet together a budgie called Mylo

-  Getting married 04/02/2012

- London trip in 2014 after winning the Gu puds competition

-  Having our gorgeous little boy Blake  2014

- Isle of  Wight long weekend 2015

-  Harry Potter Warner Bros tour 2016

-  A week in cape Verde 2016

-  Camber Sands Holiday 2017

- Hayling island 2018

There are definitely tons more memories but these are the ones I wanted to look back on today.  I especially want to forget the bad memories as even though they are a part of us its something not to focus on.

I love you lots


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