Continuing education #AFutureYouCanCountOn

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It's been 10 years since I was sat in a classroom, completing my level 2 in childcare and education. Back then I didn't realise how my life would change over the next 10 years. So instead of doing my level 3 I chose to start looking for work. When I do look back i wish I had completed my level 3, and so it's something i definitely want to do eventually and hopfully something that I'll be able to do.

I think that going back/continuing education is a great way of developmenting your career. Gaining my level 3 would give me a chance at getting a job working in childcare again as its what most employers are looking for. I'd also want to refresh my first aid knowledge as to me its something that i feel is important.

Refeshing my knowledge is also a good thing as with most careers things are ever changing and its important to keep up to date.

Stuart on the other hand is a qualified bookkeeper and so when he was working in an accountancy firm he was considering completing an AAT qualification. You can find more information on the different courses at Kaplan and get information on becoming an apprentice and find out if you are eligible for funding. If you are a business you can also find information on professional courses for your employees.

Continuing education is also good for opening doors to new and exciting opportunities. An example of this is by doing level 3 in childcare and education means not only being able to work in a nursery/pre-school but gives the oppertunity to be a Teaching Assistant or childminder. It also opens up the oppertunity to completing a higher level of education and gaining a managerial role.

Both Stuart and I have also been considering doing new qualifications in different areas. As I love writing  a course on that and also on social media is somthing that really interests me. Stuart has been thinking of learning something to do with engineering as again its something else that he has an intersted in and there isn't a problem with learning something new wether for you or wanting to change career.

Some of the other benefits of continuing to learn are:

- Making more money
- Demonstrates success 
Demonstrates to employers your motivation and drive to succeed.
- Job and future security
-  Gain confidence in yourself and abilities
- Keeps you focused on getting things done.

Are you planning to get back into education? 

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