Taking the #TyreChallenge with KwikFit

*In collaboration with KwikFit

I'm a novice when it comes to cars. As someone who doesn't drive and never had a lesson, its not a surprise really is it? I do have family members who drive and are confident on the road. Take my sister for example she passed her test first time round. Now the reason I've not learnt to drive is mainly financial and the other is that as I have absense epilepsy so I don't feel comfortable about ever being behind the wheel.

KwikFit have a #TyreChallenge quiz online and asked me to take the challenge to see just how much I know about tyre safety.  Honestly the fail and getting 3 out of 10 correct was no surprise to me at all. I do wish I knew what 3 questions I got right though! 

If you are a driver I'd urge you to take the KwikFit tyre challenge and see how much you know! You may find you know more or less than you thought you did. If you do get a fail its a good idea to brush up on your tyre knowledge as being safe on the road is so important and knowing about tyres and making sure they are safe is paramount. 

I'll definitely be sharing this quiz with my family and friends, I hope you will too! 

If you do the quiz I'd love to know how you got on! 

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