Gift ideas for Harry Potter fans

It doesn’t matter how old kids (or you!) are, if you love Harry Potter, you will naturally want to own as much of the merchandise as possible and luckily enough, there is a huge selection to choose from, but what are the best choices for keeping true Potterheads happy?

There are different approaches to consider, such as buying house-specific goodies, though this will require your particular Potter fanatic to have already been sorted! Or perhaps you could simply focus in on treats that are specific to a favourite character? The possibilities are endless, but I've put together a list of absolute must-haves for any Harry Potter fans, so you can rest easy for a few Christmases and birthdays!

No Harry Potter fan’s collection will be complete without a character wand! All of the main stars’ wands have been faithfully recreated and are available to buy, from the Warner Brothers Studio Tour online shop For an extra touch of fun…did you know that you can take a quiz online, to discover what kind of wand would choose you in Ollivanders? So cool!
Hogwarts house scarves.
Any true fans of the wizarding world will have been sorted online, to discover which house they would be placed in, were they to attend Hogwarts. It’s just a fact. If you know which hose somebody is in, that will afford you endless possibilities, in terms of gifts, but I wholeheartedly recommend a house scarf. An understated piece of merchandise, only fellow Potterheads will know what the coloured stripes actually symbolise and there’s nothing wrong with a little house pride! Just don’t get it wrong, as a Slytherin will NEVER forgive you for buying them a Gryffindor scarf. The horror!
Fluffy pets.
Every Harry Potter fan has thought about what pet they would take with them to Hogwarts. Ron has his rat Scabbers, Hermione has Crookshanks, a very grumpy cat and Harry, of course, has Hedwig, a stunning white owl. Living in the dorm rooms at Hogwarts, these familiars are steadfast friends to the students and there are endless plush soft toy versions available to buy. You can even buy a fluffy version of Fang, Hagrid’s beloved slobbery pooch who shares his hut with him!

Sweet treats.
Who can forget the moment when Harry bought the entire sweet cart on the Hogwarts Express? It’s the stuff that kid’s dreams are made of , so why not consider buying a few magical morsels for the Potterhead in your life? You might be shocked to discover that Chocolate Frogs, complete with holographic collectors card, can actually be bought, as can Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. Just be careful not to go too overboard, or you’ll think you accidentally bought some Weasley Puking Pastilles!
Pin badges.
This is actually my favourite suggestion, as there are so many badges to choose from that you could start a collection, buying a new one for each birthday. The pins aren’t just house-specific, so there are plenty to consider, but if you do know a little smartypants, why not start with a house prefect badge? Ravenclaws, in particular, will love them, as they pride themselves on their intelligence.
Something extra special.
If you aren’t as obsessed with Harry Potter as some, you might think that it’s a little gimmicky to indulge in endless Potter-related gifts, but never underestimate the impact the franchise has had on children and adults alike. Speaking of adults, how about something a little more exclusive and upmarket for the grown up Hogwarts wannabe in your life, in the form of some elegant and collectible jewellery? Anyone would love a Deathly Hallows necklace or horcrux ring, but for something a little more classic, there is a wonderful selection of watches to choose from as well.
So there you have it! Regardless of age or Hogwarts house, there are more gift possibilities than you can shake a wand at, available either during the warner Brothers Studio Tour or online. Oh, and don’t forget that for a magical festive touch, you can buy beautiful glass baubles, decorated with house colours or the Hogwarts' crest. If nothing else, you’ll be tempted by one of these for yourself!

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