Designing a play area

We all know how important it is to encourage our young ones to play. It is through play that they will develop their imagination, and learn about themselves and the world, while developing many of the skills that will serve them well on their journey through life.
With that in mind, creating a comfortable, safe space in which they can explore, play, read and relax is a great idea. And unlike many other areas of the home, designing a playroom is one area in which you can really cut loose and have fun. Here are some great ideas on how to do it.

Bright and colourful
The details of your playroom design will depend on the ages of your children, their preferences, and your budget, but however you go about it, the key thing is to keep the d├ęcor bright and colourful. It should be a place of fun and wonder, so light tones and brightly coloured furniture is the order of the day. And while you want it to feel like a light and airy space, don’t forget to add colourful rugs to protect your kids’ knees when they’re playing on the floor.
Window shutters
One good way to ensure that your kids’ playroom is bright and full of light, is to consider window shutters rather than old-fashioned curtains. Quality window shutters will give you more control over light levels in the room than curtains and offer the benefit of privacy and noise reduction (which your neighbours may appreciate!). Wipe-clean window shutters also look more stylish and modern than a pair of curtains, which are difficult to keep clean.
Blackboard wall
Let’s be honest, you can’t share a home with children without finding the occasional scribble on the walls or doors. So why not encourage their creativity by introducing a large blackboard to one of the playroom walls, or perhaps to a wardrobe door panel. They not only look striking and fun, they will give your little artists the perfect way to express themselves. And if you aren’t keen on the idea of chalk dust everywhere, you can opt for a whiteboard instead.
Reading nook
Few things can be more beneficial to a child than reading. It is one of the main stimulators of imagination, intelligence and literary skills. One way to encourage them to see reading as a pleasure rather than a chore is to set up a reading nook in their playroom. This should be well-lit area set up with plenty of cushions and bean bags for them to relax on, a few of their favourite soft toys, and a selection of books. It’s an ideal way to help them develop the reading habit.
We all want the best for our kids, and no matter what your budget or experience, with a little planning, care and love, you can set up a playroom that will be a haven for your kids to relax, have fun and let off steam as they let their imaginations run wild!

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