8 Simple Eco Friendly Swaps

Since the beginning of the year I've been slowly implementing new ways to be more eco friendly and ditch the plastic. However there is still loads of ways we can improve on this area but i wanted to share with you some of the simple things I've done so far.

Making a few simple swaps such as going for reusable items or opting for products that don't have packaging doesn't have to be expensive and its not that hard to do either! 

Swap Plastic Straws for stainless steel or bamboo ones
Straws are such a waste and swapping from plastic ones to buying reusable ones are the way to go! We own stainless steel ones from amazon which come with a handy little brush to keep them clean. I do however need to get into a habit of remembering to take them with me when out and about.

Swap shampoo and conditioner for shampoo/conditioner bars
I picked up one's from lush and love the shampoo one I have and feel that conditioner isn't really needed. If you don't get on well with one brand try another as there are lots of eco friendly brands that sell them so definitely do your research.

Swap Plastic Bottles and Take away cups for reusable options
You can purchase BPA-free stainless steel bottles in all sorts of colours and sizes.
They are great at keeping your drinks cold or hot and saves you buying bottled water when out and about! As for your coffee or other hot beverage you can also buy a travel coffee cup. Some places offer a small discount if you use your own too,

Swap your make up remover pads for cloth ones
This is new one for me. I recently purchased a set of 10 cloth make up pads from a small Facebook shop and they are amazing! My make up removes well, with just using the one pad, all I have to do is then pop them in the wash.

Swap your spray deodorant for a deodorant bar
Like with the shampoo and condioner bars you can find eco friendly brands that sell deodorant bars.  

Swap your feminine products for reusable alternatives
Depending on what you feel comfortable with you can choose from using a cloth pad or moon cup. There are loads of different brands and sizes so again best to research what will work for you on this one! 

Swap washing powder /gel for an eco egg
Eco eggs contain powerful eco pellets that activate in the water and gently remove dirt and grime. You can buy the pellets seperatly when you run out to pop back into the egg. You can get different fragrenced ones and unscented too.

Swap plastic bags for a canvas one
We always reuse bags and make sure we have one on us most of the time as you never know when they will come in handy.

So there you go 8 simple swaps you can make that are eco friendly.