Our Autumn Bucket List

After doing a summer bucket list, now that its October I thought it would be a good time to do a bucket list for autumn. After all I can't miss out on doing a bucket list for one of my favourite times of the year.

So here are some of the things we plan to get up to during October and November:

1. Scavenger hunt
Collect leaves, conkers, pinecones and other autumnal items

2. Paint or carve a pumpkin

3. Make Apple crumble together 

4. Autumn Trail
A couple places locally are doing something

5. Make firework cookies

6. Autumn/Halloween / bonfire crafts

7. Watch Halloween films 

8. Pop on wellies and jump in puddles

9. Watch fireworks

10. Dress Blake up for Halloween 

11.  Dig out the slow cooker

12. Drink loads of hot chocolate 

13. Donate to a food bank

14. Take loads of autumn photos 

15. Create a den in the living room

16. Take a moment for remembrance Sunday 

17. Go to an Oktoberfest event

18. Wear autumnal colours

19. Snuggle up and read 
Even better if the book is autumn/Halloween themed 

20. Decorate the home to give a cosy autumn feel.

Do you have an Autumn/Fall bucket list? If so I'd love you to share what you are looking forward to getting up to this season.

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