October Little Loves

I've blinked and all of a sudden the end of October is here. This month has been rather stressful with exciting ideas and plans which I'm hoping to share on here at a later date. Halloween is almost here, although its not something we really celebrate I am planning to do a few crafts with Blake and he has a skeleton top I'm popping him in to wear at preschool on the day. 

Anyway here are my little loves for October 


Together by Julie Cohen
This is not a great love story. 
This is a story about great love 
I do enjoy a romance novel from time to time and this one was such a lovely read. I just had to find out what had gone on in both of Robbie and Emily's life for him to do what he did. The story starts in 2016 and goes back through the 1990's, 1975- 1977, then 1972 back until they first met in 1962. Did the secret in this book be what I expected? Definitely not I didn't see it coming at all!

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng
I really enjoyrd this one although was dispointed with the ending. If you have read it was you? I feel there are too many unanswered questions so I do hope there will be a follow up.

Breathe Magazine issue 15
I finally got around to reading it and as usual there are some great articles and beautiful illustrations. Issue 16 is out and I plan to start reading that soon.

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert
I just loved this one so much. I'm really getting into reading fantasy books especially the fairytail variety. I've found out that there is going to be a second book out next year.

Currently Reading:
The Death of Mrs Westaway by Ruth Ware
I'm a fan of Ruth Ware and so far I'm really enjoying the Death of Mrs Westaway and I'm certainly intreeged in what's going to happen. Are you a fan of Ruth Ware? 


I was stuck with what to watch on Netflix this month as there is always so much choice available.  I came across the Shadow Hunters the mortal instruments and decided to give it a watch and was hooked I've managed to get through all 3 series.

I also watched The Haunting of Hill House after hearing about it quite a bit on social media and decided to see if it was worth the hype. Personally I didn't find it at all scary however I did enjoy it and there are some jumpy moments but nothing I found that would keep me up at night. 


I finally got around to making Apple crumble which was delicious and I have forgot to photograph. Blake also did some baking at preschool and came home with lemon drizzle scones to pop in the oven.

The jumpers are officially out. It's been getting much colder and I've been snuggling up in a jumper most days. The boots are also starting to be worn more too. I've also got some new pjs that I'll be reviewing on here within the next week or so. They are beauty and the beast which is my favourite Disney film. 

And lastly...
We are going take Blake to see Bing Bunny live on Tuesday. 

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