Ways to feel more body confident

I've always struggled with having confidence in my body. Even before having Blake and even when I had lost 6 stone I was still self conscious when it comes to how I look. It's also made me feel really low when I look in the mirror and don't like what I see, all I can focus on is my imperfections. Instead of focusing on our imperfections such as our stretchmarks and wobbly bits on a daily basis we all need to start to find ways to love our bodies. This isn't just about looking after our bodies but our mind too so that we can start to eventually accept our bodies for how they are.

Sometimes it can be hard to accept our bodies as social media is a place where you will find body shaming. It doesn't matter if someone is overweight, underweight or ideal weight there is always something that will be picked on. I can totally see why the option to have cellulite treatment as well as other skin treatments are a popular choice for some people as its there way to feel more happier and confident in themselves. All I can say is good on them! 

If you arent wanting to consider treatments it's important to find healthy ways to feel more body confident and so these ideas below should help with that:

 List ways your body has helped you over the years
Instead of focusing on your imperfections change your thoughts to positive things your body has done for you. For example my body enabled me to grow and carry my son, both my stretchmarks and c-section scar are a reminder of that. Maybe you are proud of your legs for getting you to run through a marathon or even just something as simple as your heart keeping you alive. Our bodies are truely amazing and there will be something you love about your body in all its amazingness.

 Wear clothing that makes you feel good
Don't focus on the size, focus on how well fitting clothing makes you feel.
Start by making sure you have well fitted underwear for example a bra that fits well can transform how clothing looks on you. Its also important to know what suits your body shape for example I feel so much more confident in a skater style dress teamed with leggings  that shows my curves rather than a baggy top that gives me no shape and makes me look bigger. I also find I stand taller and have much better posture when confident in what I am wearing. 

Look after your body
That means take your vitamins, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, exercising and also getting in your five a day of fruit and veggies. Looking after your body is so important with boosting our confidence. Looking after our bodies also means taking out time for ourselves  such as having a relaxing bath, booking a spa day to help you to relax and looking after our mental health.

Find some affirmations that make you feel happy and stick them around your home or even say some every time you look into the mirror.

Fake it
Even if you aren't feeling good about yourself smile, sit/stand straighter, give eye contact and accept compliments. These are great ways to instantly make you feel a bit more confident than you really are.

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