Mini Morrison's Kids Clothing Haul

Yesterday Blake and I along with my Mum had lunch out at our local Morrison's Cafe. After I needed to grab a few things,  and so I also found myself in the kids clothing aisle. I usually buy second hand clothing for Blake but do love to treat him from time to time with new bits. Morrison's, I sometimes find can be a bit hit or miss for boys clothing in my local store. Sometimes I'm lucky and find the odd item that I really love and other times I don't see anything that I particularly like. However on this occasion I found loads of bits that I loved and had to stop myself from going crazy and buying everything.  Below is what I chose to pick up.

Blake is starting to outgrow a lot of his 3-4 years clothing.  I noticed that even though he has a lot of tops in size 4-5 years, he was in the need of a few more jumpers to keep him cosy now that its getting colder.  I picked up this 2 pack of jumpers for £10 as I felt it was a great price for 2 good quality jumpers. They are sweater material which I like and I particularly love the red one as its the perfect colour for this time of year. 

A Christmas top is essential especially with kids Christmas parties coming up and we are also heading to Butlins for a few days next month and it will certainly get worn when away especially for when we visit Santa. I love this one as its an interactive with Velcro tabs you can open to make different outfits on the elf, Santa and reindeer. I thought £6 wasn't too bad as i've seen jumpers and tops in other places for £10 and over.

Jeans is another item of clothing Blake needs more of. I'm pretty fussy and prefer him to wear ones with a stretchy waistband as he is a lot more comfortable in them sort. His 3-4 years ones still fit great around his waist but he is now having to start wearing 4-5 year as he's all legs and the length on most of his trousers are now too short. These ones were £9, skinny fit and will look great with his new sweater jumpers.

Pjs are again another item of clothing he needs more of and these ones are so soft. They look so cosy looking and I wouldn't mind a pair myself. My mum actually got these for him which was really lovely of her. I think they were £8, but they were definitely under £10.

What do you think of Morrison's kids clothing? What's your favourite item from my mini haul? 

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