What Mummy and Blake wore: Character Pjs

I love nothing more than getting to my Pjs after a busy day. This is especially true when it comes to wearing a new pair, as soon as Blake is bed I'm into mine ready to relax for the evening. 

Cool clobber gave both me and Blake the chance to get some new pjs ready for the colder evenings arriving. Cool clobber sell a wide range of character products suitable for both children and adults. Products include pyjamas, bedding sets, swimwear, backpacks and more! There are also many favourite characters from Bing bunny, in the night garden to avengers and Disney favourites such as beauty and the beast and tinkerbell.

I opted for a pair of womens Beauty and the Beast pjs, with it being my favourite Disney film it wasn't a contest to be honest. They don't just sell Disney characters for the women's pjs either they also sell Harry potter themed ones, tatty teddy and superhero ones too. I was happy to see that they offer pjs for women up to size 20/22. Size wise I went for my usual size which fits well. The pj top has a lovely Beauty and the Beast design of when they are dressed up for dancing in the ball room with the slogan " I love my beast". I'm glad that the pj top is short sleeved as i do tend to get too warm in bed with long sleeves even in winter. The pj bottoms also fit well and are very much like skinny leggings with cuff ankles which I love and are comfy. These Pjs were £12 which I think is such a great price for the quality of them. 

For Blake I found it hard to make a choice as they have so many of Blake's favourite characters available. In the end i settled for the boys Bing Bunny set. 
Blake is 4 next month and so I ordered the 4-5 years ones which is the size he's mainly been in over the past 6 months or so. The pjs fit Blake really well with the sleeves not being too long on the pj  top and he's got room to move around. The waistband on the pj bottoms is elasticated and fit well so blake can move around without them falling down and he's got room to grow. The length of the pjs are slightly long but it doesn't seem to bother him and as he is tall I'm not too worried about it as know he will shoot up. The Bing Bunny Pjs are a great price at £7 and like my pair of character Pjs they are great quality. 

Overall we are happy with our experience of cool clobbers pj selection and are tempted to order some more fun character designs. 

Do you love a new pair of pjs?  

*For the purpose of this review, we were sent two pairs of pyjamas. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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