Goals for 2019

When I looked back at my goals that I set for 2018  I realised that even though the goals I set were achievable there were just too many of them. So when setting my goals for 2019 I decided that I'm not going to do too many and make my goals SMART.

If you are wondering what I mean SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achieveable, Relivant and Timebased. Take for example one of my goals is to Read more and here is how I make it a SMART goal. The specific goal is to read 60 books in total in 2019, its measurable as I can work out that its around 5 books a month, Achieveable as 5 books a month was my average for 2018, relevant as I love doing it and time based I  want to achieve my goal by December 31st. 

The goals I am setting aren't life changing but goals that will bring a bit more joy to my year and focus on the positives and important things in life. Of course if I achieve them then 2019 will be a fun and exciting year.

1) Read 60 books 
This year I signed up to the goodreads challenge and have set myself a goal of reading 60 books by December 31st. With that in mind I've never set myself a reading challenge befor however I worked out on average I read 5 books a month during 2018 although some months were more others less. I've got a good stack of books to get myself started on and even though its only the 3rd of January I'm on my second book already.

2. Indulge in more creative activities
Aside from writing this blog and filling in journals this year I'm aiming to do more creative hobbies such as adult colouring for mindfullnes which I've found relaxing and Stuart got me an art kit for Christmas so I'm wanting to do more sketches, painting etc. By the end of 2019 I want to have a complete book of art work.

3. Make time for meditation
I have the calm app on my phone and i want to start using it more often in 2019 to help me relax especially to help me with my anxiety struggles. Eventually by the end of 2019 I want to make it a habit to do daily.

4. Visit new places
We plan to move to Lincolnshire this year and so I want to make it my goal to explore not just the little town we move to but to explore other parts of Lincolnshire as well. My aim is to once we moved there and are settled to find somewhere new to go out once a month as a family.

So there you are 4 simple goals for 2019 that will bring me joy this year.

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