#Momentsthatmatter with TRUPRINT

As someone who loves taking photos we hardly have any printed off. Stuart and i have thousands of photos from the last 10 years that we have been together, which we have stored on our smartphones or memory cards. This means we are most likely forgetting alot of the memories we have captured. 

When TRUPRINT asked me to join in with their #MOMENTSTHATMATTER  campaign I knew it was something i wanted to be involved in. TRUPRINT want us to remember the big moments, cherish the small moments and capture everything in between. These moments though shouldn't just be stored on a memory card or smartphone but displayed proudly in our homes! 

TRUPRINT want us to start thinking about the moments that matter to us. There are many moments we have captured over the years big ones such as our wedding and  celebrating Blake's birth, little ones such as days out and Blake having cuddles with his grandad and moments in between such as crazy selfies and day to day life. 

TRUPRINT offer a wide selection of gift ideas and I enjoyed picking out a range of ideas to use some of our favourite photos on. I love that there are so many designs for mugs, magnets, keyrings etc. 

Our moments that matter 

Big moments 

It was important to me with the passing of my father in law last year that we had a photo of him displayed from our wedding. I thought the photo of Stuart with his Dad waiting at the church, was a special moment that had to not be just in our wedding album stored away. 

Small moments

Blake adores his grandad and so I knew I had to also include a photo of my father in law and Blake together. We have quite a few photos of them both and so I found it tricky which to choose, I eventually opted for one of Blake at a couple months old. I also had to go for one of my favourite preschool photos of Blake which I had done on mugs for the grandmothers and as keyrings and on a fridge magnet. 

Our in between moments 

For this I had to include a selfie my sister took us with her and her bf. We went out for a lovely walk around Rushmere together which happens to be one of Blake's favourite places . 

*We were sent items from Truprint for being involved in this campaign.

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