Book Review: The Misper By Bea Davenport

It's no secret that I love a good thriller, so when author Bea Davenport got in touch asking if I would be interested on reviewing one of her YA thrillers The Misper i definitely said a big yes. 

Title: The Misper
Author: Bea Davenport 
I knew this girl, you see. A sort of a friend. No one thought she really mattered much, but that turned out to be a mistake. Because she blew a hole through my life - and the lives of everyone I knew.' Anna's found the perfect friend in Zoe: she's cool, she's smart, she's goth, she's gorgeous, If only geeky Kerry would stop hanging around and cramping their style. They'd like to get rid of her. But they should be careful what they wish for...


If you are unaware the term Misper is slang used by the police for missing person. On starting this book you will learn that someone has disappeared but not who. The book goes through what happened up until the point until that someone disappeared.  This is where you fill in the gaps around what has happened in the lead up to the disappearance with each of the 3 main characters.

Anna starts a new school and instantly makes friends with goth Zoe . Kerry constantly wants to hang around with them however the friends are fed up of her and want her gone. Zoe then starts dabbling into witchcraft where things then start taking a sinister turn. There are definitely some tense parts in the story and I can in ways relate to the character Anna. 

Definitely don't  be put off that it's aimed at YA though as it's definitely a thrilling and enjoyable read.

I'm looking forward to reading more from Bea Davenport in the future.

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