#LittleLoves February 2019

Wow what a busy month February has been for us! It's been pretty emotional for us saying goodbye to friends and family and knowing they won't be as close by anymore.  However after 10 years together, renting 5 flats, getting married, having Blake and so much more in between we are now officially homeowner's! We may have had to move away to do so, however we've made our dream come true and its such a relief to not worry about paying rent each month. We've had so much  going on this month with ordering new bits for the house including a new front door on top of unpacking what has felt like never ending boxes.

However saying that I have still had the chance to have me time so here are my little loves for February.


We've had no WiFi since we moved in until yesterday which has meant no Netflix and not on social media as often. This has meant I got through 6 books this month. Not going to lie even I'm surprised I've read that many.

The self care revolution by Suzy reading 
A practical and down to earth guide on ways to make sure you make self care a priority.  It's a great book that I'll be dipping in and out of from time to time when in need a bit of inspiration. 

A Spark of light by Jodi Picoult
As usually one of my favourite authors has done it again with another amazing read that tackles difficult topics. This time the topic includes a gunman in a women's reproductive health care centre and features the topic of abortion. 

True places by Sonja yoerg
I found this one a but of a difficult read as was a slow starter however as I got more into the story the more I liked it. A girl emerges from the woods starved, ill and alone....and collapses. Suzanne is a stay at home mum who is unsure of her place in the world. Suzanns finds Iris who is not use to civilization and Suzanne invites her into her family life. 

Everything I never told you by Celeste Ng
Having read little fires everywhere last year I knew I had to get my hands on a copy of her debut book. It's a gripping page-turner about secrets, love, loss,longing lies and race. 

The Misper By Bea Davenport 
A gripping YA thriller. Just because it's a YA book don't be put off I found it to be a gripping and well written thriller you can read my review here.

One thousand stars and you by Isabelle Broom
Set in the heat, chaos and adventure of Sri Lanka Alice and her 2 friends go on an adventure to celebrate all of there 30th birthdays. Alice is meant to be settling down with her sensible bf Richard and struggles with an overbearing mum however once in Sri Lanka she meets Max who change her life. Such a sweet romance novel with beautiful descriptions of Sri Lanka that make me want to hop on a plane.


With no Netflix I've not watched anything unless you count sneakily watching Thomas Big world, big adventure with Blake whilst having a break from unpacking.


We heard back from the estate agent about how much we get back from our deposit from the flat. Luckily we are getting some back although am not surprised really that some was taken off for various things as it always seems the way with renting. 


My skin has become so dry recently so I've been making sure to wear a face mask once a week. I definitely need to find something that works though as there doesn't seem to be much of a difference. Does anyone have any product recommendations? Ideally not too pricey.


I ordered a Hello fresh box so we could try out some new recipes. Stuart is the cook though in our household and the meals we've had have been delicious.

I've been making decisions in regards to the house with things such as curtains and coming up with ideas for decorating. Luckily Stuart seems to be on board with a lot of my ideas although we need to start saving up a bit more before we want to go ahead with wallpaper etc. 


It was our 7th wedding anniversary the day before we moved. Even though we didn't do much to celebrate we still exchanged cards and gifts and I just had to share with you this cute watercolour I had done for Stuart from  The Fox and the paintbox .

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