Updating our bed with Room to sleep

With us being first time home buyers it's been a stressful time for us recently.  We have a lot going on with unpacking, getting bits and bobs sorted for example getting a new front door ordered, sorting out storage solutions etc. We've got quite a lot of work we want to do on the house too, so with that being said decorating our home is going to certainly take us time and a lot of saving up. 

When it comes to our bedroom priority wise we feel that there are other areas of our home that we want/need to get done first so will be decorated at a later date. However just because it won't be done for awhile doesn't mean that our room has to be boring. 

After renting for over 10 years we certainly know that accessories are one of the best ways to update a room. Bedding is definitely one of my favourite things to change in the bedroom to give the room an instant new look without being too expensive. 

As our bedroom is painted grey by the previous owners I wanted to add a subtle bit of colour into the room and the Ezra bedding from Room to sleep is perfect. The graphic terrazzo pattern in a Nordic colour palette is ideal for refreshing our bedroom. The contrasting colours on the face and reverse give us the versatility to style our bed in a unique way every time! 

The set comes with duvet cover and two pillowcases and is available in double (£55) or king size (£65). The quality of the bedding is excellent and you can tell that it's certainly a different quality to cheaper bedding sets by the feel of the material. Washing wise we have had no problems it's easy to wash which is a must especially when spending a bit more for high quality bedding. 

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