My Fairy Kitchen Garden

Blake finds planting fascinating. In fact at preschool last year he loved planting his own broad bean with the help of the preschool staff. With us now having our own house with a garden, I'm looking forward to us being able to involve Blake more with gardening. If like us previously you don't have access to a garden children won't need to miss out getting involved in fun planting activities thanks to My Fairy Garden. My Fairy Garden from Interplay have a wide range of fun sets available, for children to enjoy being involved in growing there own mini gardens.

We were sent the My Fairy Kitchen Garden from Interplay to review. The set is a great way for children to learn how to grow food. The new kitchen garden is home to Fairy Fenn who will watch over your garden and help to grow delicious pea shoots. The pea shoots can be enjoyed in salads, sandwiches and even on pizza. 

What's include:
- Window sill planter
- Fairy Fenn
- Fairy house
- Picket fence 
- Pea shoot seeds
- Instruction booklet 

Before starting don't forget you will need soil as this is not included. The instructions are easy to understand you need to clip the house together and add the cute picket fence to the planter. Fairy Fenn sits on on either the picket fence or kneels on the ground, she has jointed legs which enable her to do so. 

You will also need to pop the pea shoot seeds in a glass of water for 6 hours ( no more than 24 hours) for them to grow. Once you have followed all the instructions and the set is constructed and the pea shoot seeds planted you will need to find a sunny spot on your windowsill to ensure that the seeds will grow. 
You will also need to remember to water them regularly. 

The My Fairy Kitchen Garden is such a fun way for children to engage with learning how to grow there own pea shoots. It also helps them to learn how to take care of plants by watering when needed and the excitement of  keeping an eye out for pea shoots sprouting through the soil. 

We  love that the set can be used again and again too so there is no waste. The Fairy Kitchen Garden looks perfect on our Kitchen window sill and we are looking forward to eating our yummy microgreens. 

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