Our Ready 2 Robot Movie Night

With collectables being popular and Blake loving little figures, we decided to say yes to a movie night with Ready 2 Robot. This is the first collectable Blake owns and I'm sure there will be many more over the years. The movie night was the first time we had come across R2R and Blake was excited by his goodies.

When it comes to a movie night snacks are important hence why I was happy to see the popcorn and nacho's in our box along with the collectable, episodes on a USB stick and a clapperboard. Popcorn and nachos are definitely our favourite movie snacks, how cute are the little popcorn boxes?  They are ideal for making sure we had the right portion each.

Each of the episodes last around 2-3 minutes making it not too long. Each mini episodes feature a different R2R ready for battle each other.  Once we had finished our snacks and the episodes we got out the collectable. We received the Blot Blasters set. Blake was definitely excited to see what R2R we would get. What I like about collectables is that its a mystery which one you will get. Although this does have a downside if your child wants a particular one.

To find out what Blot Blaster you have got you have to remover layers to reveal the contents. Under the layers you will find that there are plastic compartments which are labelled 1 to 4. Open each layer at a time to reveal the blind bags inside. Inside these blind bags you will find R2R parts such as arms and legs. 

In the last compartment you will find a small tub of slime to pop out. Inside the purple slime you will find your pilot. The slime is super slimey and Blake wasn't a fan at all. If your child loves slime though just to warn you it maybe a small amount however it'll easily get messy.

Ready2Robot are best suited for ages 5 and over and are available from Smyths. Single Packs RRP: £9.99, Bot Blasters RRP: £14.99 and Battle Packs RRP: £19.99

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