ACE stain removal products

As busy parents our life resolves around cleaning and laundry as well as taking care of our children. I swear there must be more than just the 3 of us living in our house with the amount of washing we do.

The last thing you want when sorting out the laundry is to have to deal with stains and spend ages scrubbing at an item of clothing, and loosing the will to live at the amount of time its taking. You don't have to anymore thanks to ACE and their range of products. 
Like most people I do have an undersink cupboard of cleaning products and I do also have a basket of laundry products that I love to use. However ACE are now my favourite when it comes to stain removal products.

I was gifted a bundle of the products pictured above and wanted to share with you my thoughts on the range. 

I've been a fan of the ACE for colours for awhile now.  ACE for colours is formulated to remove the toughest of stains and yet is gentle on even the most delicate of clothing.  It's great on removing typical stains such as mud and is suitable for everyday use.  It's also great at preventing fabrics from bleeding  or transferring on to other fabrics. I was excited to find out I was sent the new powder version to try out as well and am so far finding it works just as well as the liquid. 

ACE for whites is great at removing stubborn stains from lighter fabrics. Prior to receiving my ACE bundle I hadn't tried the ACE for whites however I was very impressed with the results. Using ACE for whites I washed my bedding, bras and a few white tops I have. I wasn't too sure how well it would work as some of the items were getting dull and grey. However when getting my washing out of the machine I found them to be much more brighter.

ACE stain remover spray / ACE power mousse are both suitable for use on clothing and around the home. The stain remover spray is great at removing grease and stubborn stains  on coloured clothing. You just need to spray on the area and leave before popping into the machine. The spray is great to use for cleaning stubborn stains around the home as well. The power mousse has the power of ACE for whites but in spary form. It can be used around the home and also on clothing to pre treat stains on lighter fabrics.

What I like about the whole ACE range is that the products can be used in many ways. Around the home, for soaking, pre treating clothing as well as in the machine. 

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