Bookabees Kids Book Club

Books have always been a part of my life. I always read at least one chapter a day myself, and I've read to Blake since he was a baby.  We've had countless trips to the library and Blake's own book shelf is overflowing. Even so we still love new books so when Bookabee contacted me to try out their subscription service we were happy to oblige.

 Bookabees is a unique children’s bespoke book subscription service that turns reading into a magical and educational experience. Bookabees curate and send personalised book boxes to make reading fun and exciting and they have budget options to suit every lifestyle. Their mission is simple. They want to inspire children to read more by learning the choices and preferences of each child, providing books and activities to excite and challenge them, and to get the right books into more children’s hands to keep story time magical.

 Bookabees monthly personalised box is the perfect way to give both parents and children what they want and create magical family time together. You can choose how many books you’d like for the month. Books are handpicked every month to suit your child’s age and interests, and these choices can be easily viewed and changed by you. After all  children’s interests vary from day to day.

Bookabees offer two monthly plan types to fit any family’s lifestyle: FLEX or KEEP. With FLEX you can enjoy the books, purchase any favourites and easily return the remainders when you’re done, for free. With KEEP it’s simple – you keep the books forever. Along with the books your child will also receive bespoke games and crafts to keep things fun and bring excitement into reading whilst being educational too.

When ordering your Bookabees subscription box they ask for your child's age and interests. So for Blake who is 4, I opted for space and pirates as that's what he is into at the moment and then we just waited for his box to arrive. 

Blake was so excited when his box arrived and was eager to see what was inside. The three books we were sent are all books we luckily didn't have and are:
- The night pirate
- The cat in the hat 
- Ailens love underpants

We were sent the keep box which we are definitely happy about as we would've wanted to keep all 3 books that were selected for Blake. We like the concept of the subscription service and that the flex box is an option. I can see it being handy for parents that can't always get to the library. The keep box is a great subscription idea as a gift. We especially love that you can choose if you want to recieve 1, 3 or 5 books a month. I do however feel its on the expensive side for what it is. The keep box we got with 3 books is £19.99 which isn't something we would be personally willing to pay ourselves. 

If you are interested in Bookabees and want to know more about their service than I fully reccomend having a read on their website.

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