30 Before 30

Today I turn 29, which means I've entered the last year of my twenties.  I've actually achieved quite a bit in my twenties. Got married, had a child and own our own house. 30 feels like a big milestone and so I decided to do a 30 before 30 list of things I'd like to do by this time next year.

1.Get into a better sleep routine
I have a bad habit of going to bed really late and feeling exhausted the next day and this needs to change.

2. Get into good skincare habits 
I need to start using products that are better for my skin type.

3. Get highlights 
I've not had my hair dyed in 7 years. I use to have highlights and so I want to get them done again.

4. Get a pet
I'd love to get a pet not a cat or a dog. However maybe a budgie or Guinea pigs.

5. Go to an art class
I love creative hobbies and would love to go to a class and learn a new painting skill for example.

6. Go to a pottery class
Again as above I'd love to learn a new skill and it would be great to make something for our home.

7. Spa day
I've never been on a spa day and have always wanted to.

8. Weekend away just me and Stuart
Since having Blake we've never had a night away from him. I'd love to be able to spend time away just me and Stuart for a few nights.

9. Do an escape room 
These look such fun  to do and it would be a great experience for Stuart and I to do together.

10. Give blood
It's been awhile since I last did

11. Go to a casino 
Again its something I'd love to do, just so I've had the experience.

12. 100 days of happy challenge
Photos of things that make me happy over 100 days

13. See a westend show
Would love to head to London and see a show maybe Matilda if its still on by the time we can go.

14. Learn calligraphy 
Another creative hobby I'd like to do

15. Add a love lock to a bridge 
There is a bridge not too far from us to do this one

16. Get at least 1 more tattoo 
I have 4 so far 

17. Save
I want to get into better saving habits and save up so we have a good amount in an emergency fund as well as for holidays.

18. Try a new food
I tend to opt for safe foods and go for the things I know i like. I'd love to start trying new foods more.

19. Fill my art book
I love creative hobbies as you have probably guessed by now. I'd love to have completely filled my sketchbook by this time next year.

20. Visit more places up north
Since moving to Lincolnshire I want to explore alot more places up this way now they are easier for us to get to.

21. Watch some classic films
Would you believe I've never watched dirty dancing or pretty women

22. DIY crafts 
I want to actually do some of the DIY craft ideas I've seen on pinterest instead of just pinning them.

23. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant 

27. Read some classics
I love reading but want to definitely start reading more classics such as Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Wuthering heights and Little Women.

28. London Eye
I'd love to see the views of London from the London eye. I can't believe that its something I''ve not done yet.

29. Make a scrapbook 
I want to start printing off photos instead of just having them on my phone or camera.

30. Disney movie marathon 
I need to get more Disney DVDs however I'd love a day where I can watch as many as I can fit in.