Last minute Fathers Day card with Stampin up

Fathers day is tomorrow and Stampin up got in touch to see if we fancy making a last minute card for Fathers day.  We were sent a range of products so that we could do this. 

We were sent a black ink kit, a fathers day set of cling stamps, a clear block, some plain white cards and envelopes and last of all a set of Stampin write markers. 

When looking at the instructions on how to use the cling stamps I was unsure fully what to do.  I feel that the instructions over all need to be made more clearer to understand. This is especially important if like me you've never used them before. I did have a look online to see what to do and hopefully I've done it right, it seems to have worked so I must have.

If I've got it right you use the clear stickers in the cling stamp set and you sick them directly onto the clear block and then pop the rubber stamp over the top. You then use the stamp in the ink like you would usually do and press onto your card to make different designs. 

Then you use the double ended markers to draw and write whatever you like. What I didn't realise until now is that you can also use the markers on the stamps so that you can do different colours or a multi colour effect.

Blake and I opted to do a very simple design which is ideal for a last minute card. You could do so many different designs. If you have a child who has a wide range of arts and crafts products than you can get even more creative if you have the time. 

Making cards are a great craft activity to do with children. Blake actually has his own kids stamp set, so once I worked out we needed to put the stamps onto the clear block he pretty much knew how to use the stamps.  He then wanted me to use some of the markers that are metallic colours to do some swirly patterns to give the card a bit of colour. 

We will definitely be giving this a try again to make some much more colourful cards.

*I was gifted the Stampin up products in return for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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