Sensory toys

*Contains Affiliate links, items featured are either brought by myself or family members.

Sensory support for someone with autisim is really important. With autisim a person can really struggle with processing everyday information with any of their senses being over or under sensitive.  This can then effect someone who is autistic's behaviour. However there are ways in which to help for example therapies and equipment.

 Each child has different needs and those needs change depending on various range of factors. I wanted to share with you today some of Blake's favourite sensory toys.

Calming toys

Lights are a great sensory aid. At night Blake has a star night light lamp which you can get from most toy places in various designs. It's part of Blake's routine to have it on every night. 

Another favourite is a light up spinning wand , Blake actually got one in a goodie bag a good few years ago when we went to see in the night garden live. Blake also has another which we currently keep in his backpack. 

One of my favourites are the liquid motion timers as they are so relaxing and mesmerising so are ideal for bedtime or for when Blake needs some down time.

Blake's ultimate favourite at the moment is the colour changing bubble fish lamp he got this as a gift at Christmas and can spend ages just watching the changing colours. He now says "All gone, bye bye fish" when he has had enough.

A great present Blake also got is the Glow Art drawing board. It's great for mark making practice. There are 36 different multi colour LED lighting effects transforming and bringing drawings etc to life.

Messy play

Messy play is touch and go with Blake dependant on he type of messy play for example he isn't a fan of shaving foam or slime and playdough however he loves the Learning Rescources Play foam  which is mess free along with arts and crafts, sand and water play.

Water play us definitely Blake's favourite and these Munchkin suction cup bath toys  are a very recent purchase that make bathtime so much fun. 

Blake absolutely loves bouncing around and his trampoline is a favourite. He has had this one for a good few years now. It's the Getgo fold away trampoline which we got from Argos although they no longer seem to sell it. 

I'll definitely do another post as we expand our sensory toys. Especially as I've got my eye on some other products that would be great for Blake with giving him more physical sensory feedback.