Crafty Little Learners Rainbow box

I love finding new and fun activities to do with Blake. I know some parents find it hard to come up with ideas of what to get up to especially on rainy days. This is why I love the idea of this new subscription service Crafty Little Learners. 

Two childcare professionals Nicki and Claire came up with the idea as they are passionate about children learning through play. Each box includes an original story magazine, with adorable characters created by illustrator Claire and related activities and worksheets.

We were gifted the July box which is rainbow themed. This is ideal for Blake as he absolutely loves colours.  When the box arrived we opened it up together to see what was inside. Each of the activities included are wrapped up individually so it's like opening little gifts and makes the experience more exciting. 

The first activity Blake wanted to do from the box was to do some drawing so he could use the rainbow stickers included in the box. We then moved onto having a fun game of rainbow snap. The cards are great size and I'm going to laminate them and add them to Blake's busy bag as a fun activity when we are out and about.

 There are plenty of activities included in the box to keep children busy. The rainbow mosaic magnet set was fun to do and took time as you had to peel off the back of the squares to stick them down and you then have a wonderful colourful and sparkly creation.

Some of the activities your child could do on there own. Then there are some such as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that would need an adults help. 

For £15 a month you get quite a few activities and I found that we did some of the activities over a few days which made it more exciting for Blake to choose which we would do next.  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what other themes they will be doing.

*We were gifted a crafty little learners box in exchange for this review. However all thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

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