I know! Magazine

We were recently sent a copy of a brand new and exciting magazine from Redan publishing . I know! Magazine is a 38 page magazine filled with activities, fun facts and crafts to keep children busy. Aimed for adventure seekers aged 4-6 years Blake is the ideal target age for this magazine.

The magazine supports the early years curriculum framework and STEAM subjects making it not only fun but great for help support childrens learning.

You get a free gift on the cover of the magazine although be aware that if you are subscriber you wont get this. The free gift matches a  theme on the front cover which is dinosaurs with this issue.

The magazine is bright and eye catching with both illustrations and photos included. Each double spread in the magazine contains a theme and an activity to go with it.  Examples include facts about dinosaurs, upcycling and so much more.

As you can see above there is also a section for your child to potentially have their artwork featured in the magazine.  This is a fun idea and Blake attempted a butterfly with a bit of help from myself.

The magazine has a variety of activities some of our favourites include matching stickers to the correct dinosaurs, how to upcycle a plastic drinks bottle to grow your own cress and the dinosaur themed cut out backdrop and range of dinosaurs for imaginative play. 

The magazine also has a pull out world map and stickers. The stickers are numbered and you need to find where they go on the map. The map also features interesting facts such as " The Hawaiian alphabet has only 12 letters", " Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world" and " there are more sheep than people in New Zealand". There are also gaps left for you to add more stickers which you will get in issue 2 of the magazine. 

Overall we feel it's a fun magazine to keep children occupied. Some of the activities you can do whilst out and about and others you can do  at home such as making dinosaur sandwiches. The release of the magazine has come at a good time with children being off school for summer and we've had quite a lot of rain so it's certainly kept us busy.

The magazine can be found in leading supermarkets and all good newsagents for £4.99.

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