4 of the Best places you can buy/sell second hand clothing

We could all do with making some extra money, couldn't we? One of the ways I've made a bit of extra cash recently has been by selling clothing I no longer wear and clothing Blake has grown out of.  

The 3 benefits I've found from this are:

- Decluttering 
It's given me the chance to make more room in our home. I'm no longer rifling through clothing that doesn't fit either so it's made finding something for us to wear each day much easier.

- Extra Cash
The extra cash always helps. We've had a few issues with our house recently so any extra money is a god send.

- Sustainability 
Fash fashion has a shocking impact on the environment so by selling items we no longer need instead of throwing them out means I am doing my bit to help our environment. I tend to also only buy second hand clothing the majority of the time now too. There are many reasons not to buy new clothing

There are many different places to sell on your clothing, both on and offline. I've compiled a list of some of the best places to sell clothing.

Ebay is great for reaching a wider audience. I do find the fees and postage a bit off putting. I have however found selling clothing in bundles and also offering combined postage is the best way to go. 

Facebook marketplace and local groups
This a great way for selling your clothing to those in your area. It also means you can save on postage by selling locally and selling bigger bundles too.

I've not actually been to a car boot in a long time. Back when I was still living with my parents my sister and I would spend some Sunday's  going to a few local carboots with my mum and grandparents. We use to love to find bargains and I remember getting quite a few clothing items. I've never actually run a carboot myself though.

Table top sales
These are great for childrens clothing especially if you find a local NCT nearly new sales going on. 

Another thing I wanted to touch on in this post is about whether buying from charity shops and then reselling for a profit is ever ok? Have you ever done so? If not would you? I'm interested to know your thoughts on this one. Personally I feel it's ok as you are still giving money to charity and it gives them a chance to get more stock out. I personally have only resold charity shop purchases after I've worn them and no longer need or want the item of clothing anymore. Sometimes I make a few extra £s when I do.

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