Building a capsual wardrobe & why you need one

It's now the 12th day of being involved in #SecondHandSeptember and so far I've picked up a few bargains in charity shops and on Ebay. 

Today I'm sharing about capsule wardrobes and so I wanted to write a post about starting one as I definitely need to add some more basics into my wardrobe. 

First of all what is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a limited collection of clothing and accessories that coordinate well and can be worn in multiple different ways. This means you can also dress them up or down to fit the occasion.

I've read quite a few articles on capsule wardrobes and some items vary but there are some that are on every list such as Jeans and a little black dress. I've decided to share items that I've got and some bits I'm going to purchase at some point. Not everything will be on everyone's list but I'm hoping if you are stuck I can give you some ideas.

1. Basic t-shirt
Alot of the lists say a plain white t-shirt. I think as well as white its essential for me to have ones in black, grey and navy as well. As they are great basic colours to have in my wardrobe.

2. Leggings
I live in leggings so having a good few pairs are definitely essential to me.

3. Jeans 
I've not worn jeans in years as I've not found ones that I am perfectly comfortable in but I'm definitely going to be searching for them.

4. Neutral shade cardigans and jumpers 
I have ones in black, white and navy for cardigans and for jumpers I also have a grey one.

5. Little black dress
Always handy to have to dress up for nights out or down for during the day.

6. Black skirt
Just like the little black dress a black skirt is great edition to your wardrobe to dress up or down. I own a skater style one which I prefer however a pencil skirt is also one to think about adding.

7. Denim Jacket
I don't currently own one but it's on my list to find.

8. Leather jacket
Again I don't currently own one but is worth getting.

9.  Winter coat/Rain coat
I own both and have opted for navy winter coat and a black rain coat.

10. Trainers
A comfy pair of trainers in a neutral colour is a must I love my converse.

11. Black pumps

12. Neutral coloured boots

13. Black heels
Go with anything and are suitable for most occasions 

14. A tote bag.

15. Cross the body bag.

There you go that's my list. Is there anything in your capsule wardrobe that's different to mine? You can also read about How to build a minimalist capsule wardrobe  for further information.

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