34 Photos to Capture This Autumn

Autumn is definitely in full swing now and I absolutely love the changing colours and feeling cosy so why not capture thouse moments? 

My 34 photos to capture of summer was a popular post and so I thought I'd compile one for my favourite season. So here is a list of photos to capture of autumn to give you inspiration:

- leaves
- pinecones
- Conkers
- Pumpkin patch
- Pumpkin carving
- Jumping in puddles
- Halloween costumes 
- Halloween decorations 
- Halloween crafts
- Your child/ren playing in a pile of leaves 
- Apple crumble and/or other apple dishes
- Pimpkin pie, pumpkin flavoured hot chocolate, pumpkin everything food/drink wise
- A nature walk
- Making s'mores
- Autumn sunset 
- Autumn sunrise 
- Boots and sweaters
- Autumn crafts
- Autumn flat lays
- Autumn candles
- cosy fire place ( if u have one)
- Bonfires
- Autumn/Halloween themed food
- Frost
- Autumn flowers 
- Halloween bath bombs
- wrapped up in a cosy blanket
- Autumn wreath
- Hayride
- Family photo 
- Farmers market
- Views of your home town in autumn
- Autumn themed mug 

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