10 cosy night in essentials

With it getting more colder outside and the days being shorter and evenings darker I love nothing more than setting up a nice warm and cosy atmosphere. I've always been a homebody and this time of year is perfect for staying in. With that said I wanted to share with you my 10 essentials for a cosy night in.

Hot chocolate
I absolutely love hot chocolate and have it as an evening treat throughout the year. However there is something about drinking it this time of year and I do opt for it more often. I especially love to add whipped cream and marshmallows as an extra special treat. 

Chocolate is a must. My favourite chocolate bar is Cadbury Twirl but any Cadbury chocolate would do.

Fluffy socks
I feel the cold very easily and so fluffy socks are a must for keeping my toes warm. I also have a pair of luxury bed bedrooms that I adore.

If I'm not wearing socks a cosy pair of slippers is a must. In fact I need to get a new pair. I love the boot style ones as they can my feet much more warmer.

I have a thermal one that I love and it's perfect for snuggling up under. I do own others but the thermal ones is my favourite and I use it as a throw on our sofa these days.

Comfy Pjs
I'd wear pjs all the time if I could. They are just perfect for lounging around the home. 

Dressing gown 
I absolutely love wrapping up in a dressing gown. I use to have a big fluffy pink one with a hood which I loved. However now i have a shorter length one so I don't trip on the stairs and it's just as cosy.

I love candles and if they have an autumn scent even better. 

We all know by now I'm a bookworm and so books have to be on my list for the perfect cosy night in. 

If I'm not reading than Netflix is on. I always find something to watch whether a series or a film.

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