6 things an avid reader needs

I'm a bookworm and that's nothing new to anyone. A single book is enough to occupy me for hours. However there are some things that every avid reader should own. The great thing is that they make great gifts too.

Here are some items that an avid reader would love :

Plenty of pretty bookmarks are essential. I'm always loosing them too as my son seems to get hold of them. There are so many pretty designs and ones made from different materials.

Good shelves 
If you are anything like me you will have more books then shelving. Honestly its the most random item for a gift but if you have space than a great quality bookshelf is a must. 

Somewhere comfortable to read
It's important to have a comfortable area at home for reading. I'd absolutely love a little reading corner with my own  little seat, comfy pillows, throws and soft lighting.

An LED book light
If like me you read at night an LED light is worthwhile getting hold of. They are great when you need extra lightening and are cheap too.

A huge mug
I love nothing more than having a mug of coffee or hot chocolate whilst I am reading. 
This means big mugs are best and you can get many fun bookish inspired ones.

Kindle and case
I didn't like the idea of a kindle to start with but I'm now considering getting one and a pretty case to go with it. As kindles are expensive a case is definitely important.

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