Tips for car journeys with children

The October half term is finally here or at least approaching depending where you live. This means it's time for jumping in the car and going on fun family adventures. We may not drive but we have family coming over and will be heading off out with them spending time together.

Before planning your adventures it's important to check your Toyota or other vehicle to make sure everything is working ok. You can find spare parts for the japanese car brand Toyota easily with

 Once your car is ready then all you need to think about is how to keep your child/ren entertained for the journeys you have planned. 

Below are some handy tips for car journeys with children:

Know your route/where to stop 
This is important as it will get you there quicker if you know the way but also it's a good idea to know where the nearest service stations are and plan to stop every hour. 

Time it well
If your child still naps than it's perfect time to travel. If you travel in the evening there is a chance they will drop off and you can transfer them straight to bed. Just make sure you pop them in your pjs before you set off. 

Always carry snacks and drinks 
Seriously it's important as it keeps them quite for awhile. Opt for easy to eat snacks that aren't messy or sticky. Pack loads too as kids will always want more and the cost of snacks at service stations are ridiculously expensive.

Keep things handy
Wipes and tissues are an essential along with spare clothing for any accidents or sickness. If you have a child that is still in nappies keep them close by too.

If going on a long journey a tablet device such as the kindle fire for kids will be a lifesaver, as they are preloaded with games and videos. Another option if your child doesn't have a tablet device then buying a portable DVD player is another option so children can watch their favourite shows.

Popping a kid friendly CD on really helps pass the time, especially if you love a good sing along.

I spy
A great game for keeping children of all ages entertained. With younger children you can just point out what you can see such as animals in a field,  diggers, river, caravans etc.

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