Dealing with the darker days

It's that time of year when the days are shorter and darker. For me I love autumn and the cosy evenings wrapped up on the sofa with a hot chocolate. But there are some days when I find that the darker days really affect how I feel emotionally which isn't good for my mental health. 

SAD (Season Affective Disorder) is something many of us suffer with and even if you don't plenty of us still feel  down in the dumps after a few grey days. 

With that in mind i thought I'd share with you some ways to help you when you are feeling the dark day blues.  

Take extra care of yourself
Easier said than done especially if you have children but making sure you are getting enough nights sleep is a must. Along with eating a well balanced diet and making sure you have a flu shot, wash hands, use hand sanitizer and take your vitamins to help keep bugs at bay.

Keep your area bright
Make sure your environment whether at home or at work is properly lit. You can purchase light boxes that mimic the light you receive from the sun. I've not actually tried one but have heard many times how good they can be. 

Get outside
Don't use the rain as an excuse not to get outside. Getting outside and playing with kids, going for walks or just sitting outside are great for you in many ways not just with cheering you up.

Ask for help if you need it
Honestly don't ever feel ashamed of admitting you need help. I had a bad mental health blip during the summer and I'm so glad I seeked help. 

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