Autumn 2019 Tag

Today I have decided to do the Autumn 2019 tag as it felt appropriate for #blogtober which I am doing this year. I came across the tag over on Life as Kim. There are overall 19 questions so let's jump in.

1. Which two things tell you that the fall season has begun?
For me it has to be the colder and darker mornings and starting to see the leaves falling from the trees.

2, What do you love about autumn?
The changing colours, feeling all cosy, halloween, bonfire night, eating filling foods such as stews, casseroles, soups, apple crumble etc. 

3, What do you dislike about the season?
The darker mornings and evenings. 

4. Share your best memory for the autumn season?
This is a tough one I'm going to say spending time outside with my son jumping in leaves and puddles. 

5.What is your favourite scent for the fall season?
I like spiced apple and orange scents. Unlike most autumn lovers I'm not that keen on the smell of cinnamon.

6. Apple bobbing or toffee apples?
I've not done either in a long time! I'm going to go with toffee apples.

7.  Halloween - love or hate?
I'm in between tbh I like the idea of dressing up and watching spooky films at home. However I'm not keen on parties and trick ot treating.

8, What’s your favourite autumn food?
Definitely got to be stews and casseroles especially with dumplings. This time of year is when our slow cooker definitely gets used the most. I also love apple crumble for dessert.

9, Thanksgiving – celebrate or not?
It's not something we celebrate here in the UK however I do love a Turkey dinner.

10. What’s your go to fashion in the autumn?
Leggings, tunic top/dress and cosy jumper /cardigan with boots.

11. Which place do you love to visit in the autumn season?
I love visiting parks and farms this time of year. Parks are great for finding leaves, conkers, pinecones etc.

12. Fairy lights or candles? What is your choice?
Tricky as I do like both. I'm going to go with candles as you get autumn scents I just have to keep them out of reach from Blake.

13. Pumpkin picking from the fields or the supermarket?
I've never brought a pumpkin before. Where we use to live, they didnt do a pumpkin patch near enough for us to get to. As for supermarkets they always ran out quickly before Halloween. This year we are hoping to go to a pumpkin patch though.

14.What’s your pumpkin carving of choice?
I think it's going to be interesting to see how good I am at carving i think am going to just start off with doing a simple pumpkin face.

15. Real fire or central heating?
I'd love a real fire but for now it's central heating.

16. Apple pie or Pumpkin Pie. What’s your favourite?
Apple pie and that's because of never trying pumpkin before.

17. Do you enjoy feeling the cold air or do you wrap up warm?
I definitely prefer to wrap up warm. 

18. Do you have any specific traditions to celebrate the fall season?
The only thing I say is doing an autumn bucket list.

19. Share your favourite quote related to the autumn.

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