I wont Grieve for my autistic son & Never Will

Earlier this year after quite a wait, tests and assessments Blake got an autistic diagnosis.
We were not surprised at all and had thought he was autistic and would have been more surprised if he wasn't.

Enter the world of groups and pages on Facebook as a way of getting advice surrounding autisim and one thing that struck me is that alot of people have asked if we have grieved? Grieved for what? It turns out some of these people believe that once you have an autistic diagnosis you can grieve. I apparently should be grieving for the child he could've been and grieve for the life we had dreamed for him.

I wont be grieving because of my son being autistic and never will. Blake is Blake he is perfect how he is. What would bring me to my knees would be a life without him in it. Blake has always been who he is and to us a diagnosis doesn't change anything for us apart being able to get the help and support he needs in place.

Blake didn't suddenly change overnight because we got a diagnosis. He is still a boy who loves trains, pj masks and chocolate chip cookies. He still is a fussy eater and very strong willed and we get hard days some which make me grab the wine bottle but no I wont be grieving. 

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