Why Engineered Wooden Flooring is a great option for your home

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When Stuart and I brought our home earlier this year, we were lucky that we don't have to deal with flooring in the main areas of our house. 

We do have an attic room which we eventually plan to do up. One of the big jobs up there though is the flooring as it needs fixing up. The flooring will definitely be our number one job before we do any decorating. I've been looking through different flooring options and have come across engineered wood flooring 

What is engineered wood flooring?
Engineered wood flooring is made up of a top layer made up of solid wood and an engineered base made out of layers of plywood. Sometimes it's available with a click and lock installation for easy installation.

Where can I install it?
Most areas of the home. Living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms are the ideal places. As it needs a bit if care and maintenance it's recommended not to be used in high traffic areas such as the hall way. Other areas advised not to use are in areas where there is alot of humidity. Stairs are also areas that you may want to avoid due to being tricky to lay. These are just recommendations though and it's your choice where in the home you want to install it. 

Why engineered wood flooring?
It's a cheaper option for those considering solid wood flooring. It's also durable as solid wood, sometimes more so.

We feel that engineered wood flooring is the best option for the attic room with it being at the top of the house. It would definitely work better for us cost wise but also opt for it over laminate like the majority of the house due to it being a much thicker material even though costs more. 

What type of flooring do you have in your home? 

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