Spooky Encounters

I strongly believe in an afterlife and I also believe in the existence of ghosts. I'm going to share with you my story of some spooky encounters we've had.

When I was a young girl I'd wake in the night and see an old lady with curly white hair who wore a navy dress with white polka dots. She would be standing at my bedroom door and sometimes there would be a man with her. When I saw them I didn't  feel scared of them exactly but they definitely made feel spooked. My parents had often said as a baby that I would be smiling and giggling as if I could see someone who wasn't there.

I remember whenever I'd get up to go to the toilet which was downstairs I'd dash back up and into my bed and under the covers as I felt that was the way to protect me when I was feeling spooked. There was one occasion when I went to the toilet in the night and a radio that wasn't plugged in or had any batteries in all of a suddenly just turned on. I don't think I ever ran so fast in all my life back up those stairs. 

As i've got older I didn't see the ghosts anymore. But I still often wondered if they were there but I just could no longer see them. 

At the age of 18 a few months before I turned 19 my Dad passed away. It had a huge impact on me especially mentally.  My sister not long after his passing had a spooky experience of the radio turning on all of a sudden and the clock hands spinning. As for me I've had moments where I know my Dad is there with me. Stuart and I have lived in various flats over the years and I've definitely had moments when I just knew my Dad was there which is a lovely feeling.

After having Blake I definitely have known my Dad has visited us in the flat we were previously lived in. I'd feel a cold chill next to me and even though I couldn't see anything and nothing spooky has happened I just knew. I've had it when I've been poorly and sleeping and I'd feel someone sit on the bed and open my eyes to see if Stuart had popped in and no one was there. My Dad would when I was poorly before he died come in and sit on the bed to check on me so on them occasions it must have been him. 

Blake has even had moments when he would smile and giggle when no one is there just like I did as a baby. I do believe in them moments that it's my Dad he could see. Last year Stuart's Dad sadly passed away and Blake has definitely been communicating with him. At the flat we had moments where Blake would do the usual giggling and smiling but I didn't have the strong feeling of it being my Dad. There was one occasion when Blake was doing this before preschool and Stuart had asked him who he was talking to and Blake had said Grandad. 

There wasn't  any prompting for him to say that. Especially as you may know Blake has a speech delay and autism and at the point he wasn't as verbal as he is now.

We've not had anything yet since moving to this house though. 

Have any of you had any similar experiences? 

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