2019 Goals | How did I do?

I'm honestly glad that 2019 is coming to end. Don't get we wrong we've had some good moments this year but also quite a bit of bad luck which makes me feel that 9 is our unlucky number. I say this because 2009 was also an awful year for us so it's  got me thinking.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing my year in review so you will know more about what 2019 has been like for us. Today though is about the goals I set myself on the 1st January and if I've actually stuck at them.

1) Read 60 books 
This year I signed up to the goodreads challenge and set myself a goal of reading 60 books by December 31st. I am happy to say I completed this goal on 7th December and have managed to read a further 3 books. I'll definitely be setting a challenge again for 2020.

2) Indulge in more creative activities
I've been getting into Calligraphy, colouring and starting to fill up a sketchbook with some art work. I definitely want to continue in 2020 with these hobbies as I've really been enjoying them.

3) Make time for meditation
I've sort of done this however I could certainly need to be doing it alot more often than I have been to make it into a habit.

4. Visit new places
We've definitely visited quite a few places but it definitely is something in 2020 I want to do more of. 

If you set goals at the beginning of year have you managed to stick at them? 

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