8 Reading Goals for 2020

If you read yesterday’s Goodreads update, you’ll know that I read 63 books in 2019 meaning I managed to complete my Goodreads challenge of 60 books.

I mentioned in the post that I want to challenge myself again for 2020 and so I have set myself some reading goals for the year ahead.

1. Read 65 Books

I loved setting a target on Goodreads for 2019 and watching my progress so I'm going to do the same for 2020. This time I'm increasing the goal to 65 which I'm sure I'll be able to do.

2. Read more genres

I do enjoy a few different genres but I want to start reading ones I dont normally go for such as science fiction or poetry for example.

3. Spend more time reading

I want to make it a habit of scrolling through social media less. I find I waste alot of time on social media when I could be enjoying a mug of coffee and a good book instead.

4. Join in a reading challenge

I've seen a good few reading challenges and so I've taken inspiration and I've written my own list using prompts from a mixture which I've saved as a note on my phone.

5.  Read the books I have

I have about 20 books on my shelves I've yet to read so I want to start getting through them in 2020. I also want to re-read at least one of my favourite books.

6. Borrow from the library

Instead of buying new books off Amazon or from charity shops I want to sign up to my local library and start borrowing instead. This way not only am I saving myself money but I'm then able to save space as well.

7. Declutter my books

I tend to do this at least once a year. I think its important to only keep books I love and want to read again at some point.

8.  More book/ reading related  blog posts

I want to start sharing more book/ reading related posts in 2020. As reading is my favourite hobby I feel I want to include that more.

9. Be more present on my Hooked on Books facebook page

I've been slacking with sharing my reads and blog posts so this year I plan to start being more present on the page.

10. Sharing my monthly reads

I do this at the moment via a little loves post I do each month. I'm actually planning on not joining in with that linky next year and will instead go back to doing specific monthly what I read posts.

As well as these reading goals I've set various goals for 2020 for different areas of my life. Enjoying more life experiences is definitely something I want to focus on and I've never used an online casino before so I'm looking to try one out especially as you can find places that offer 50 free spins. 

What are your reading goals for the year ahead?

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