Enjoying and having more life experiences in 2020

 Life is about the experiences you have whether they are good, bad or boring. From amazing adventures, traumatic events and even the mundane day to day life. This year I'm going to embrace doing the things I want to do as well as continuing to do the things I love.

 I want this year to be filled with experiences and here are the things I want to do in 2020:

- Tick off as many as I can from my 30 before 30 list.
- Read 65 books. You can read more about my reading goals here.
- Get a pet
- Go on holiday abroad
- Go on a staycation
- Get a new tattoo
- Do a Lifestyle challenge
- Try new foods
- Clean out junk at home
- Decorate at least one room in our home
- Attend more local events
- Do a course of some kind
- Do more creative hobbies
- Make new friends
- Go on more days out
- Do more crafts
- Make gifts
- Do something different with my hair
- Have more fun with my make up
- Have fun with photography
- Have a family photography session
- Listen to more pod casts
- Do something spontaneous
- Have a massage
- Put together a self care kit
- Go on a Spa Day
- Try a restaurant we've not been to before

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