Focusing on Relationships in 2020

When busy with day to day life it can be easy for our relationships to be put on the back burner. Having a child with additional needs makes it harder for us as well especially for Stuart and I to spend time together just the two of us.

 In 2020 I want to improve my relationships not just with Stuart and Blake but also with my other family members and friends here are my ways to do so:

- Disconnect or "Unplug" more
- Be more "Present"
- Call family more often 
- Reach out to family and friends I don't speak to often
- Meet new people
- Make time for dates with Stuart 
- Establish family nights 
- Have mum and son time
- Get to know our neighbours better
- Make new friends 
- Go out to groups and meet new people
- Arrange time with an old friend whenever I'm in the area
- More time with my mum and sister one to one when visiting

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