Home Improvement Trends to Consider When Renovating Your Home

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Have you followed how the home improvement industry is doing? If you do follow but was not able to take part in the HIRI (Home Improvement Research Institute) summit last 2019, then below are the insights from the experts in home improvement, providing us ideas on the latest trends and what's hot in the market today.

Decrease in Luxury projects

Luxury remodeling is decreasing. High-end flooring, roofing, dimensional lumber, cladding, and even cabinets are facing the most severe headwinds, according to Todd Tomalak with John Burns Real Estate Consulting.

With the decrease in demand for luxurious projects, doors for emerging quality brands in bath and kitchen remodeling open, giving them the chance to be recognized and considered by clients who are opting for a more realistic project. A custom look at a more realistic price is one of the best approaches in the world of renovations nowadays. Features like soft close drawers and doors, organizing accessories, and sizing customization are now available in more affordable yet of quality brands.

         Buyers seek help

Shoppers nowadays don't just ask as to where they can find it but are also interested as to how do they do it when it comes to their home improvement projects.

When it comes to online resources, especially on home remodeling, various sites are offering more information on what to consider when purchasing for accessories or materials needed for your home. Getting more ideas if you are doing the remodeling by yourself is crucial since you need more of it so that you can truly choose the best for your home.

  Shopping via Mobile

Brendan Baby from the Home Depot said that the convenience of shopping using our mobile device grows rapidly and should be considered as one of the main tactics of retail industries.

With just one click after you have scanned all the products and have found the one that you were looking for, you can now add to the cart and finish the transaction by paying electronically without going out. This is a very easy process, yet make sure that the retail store that you are visiting offers quality products. To be sure, check out its customers' feedback, or you may search for the company's reputation online reviews.

Watch for the next generation

Centennials or the Gen Z or iGen is far more different generation as compared to Millennials. They give value to pragmatism and security as they venture into changing the world, as observed by Therese Caruso with the Zeno Group.

Ways to communicate with these generations may be done through the use of social media, mobile app, or websites, knowing that we have a world of innovations when it comes to communication.

         Health over savings emphasis

Millennials mostly consider health benefits as compared to how much they can save whenever they purchased products for their homes. They are much more interested in their health and well-being and are more likely to spend on those since it is beneficial. They choose wellness designs that focus on their overall health. And these improvements are proven to be healthy like in the selection of paints for walls, non-toxic materials for their flooring and cabinetry, faucets that are touchless that reduces germ spread, lighting that improves sleep, installation for water and purification system and many more.

If you are opting to remodel your home, then above mentioned are the trends now. Consider what the experts have said for you to be more updated on the latest and what types are the most considered trend that most people are vying for. Home renovation is fun yet a headache, but after you finish your project, expect a feeling of self-fulfillment since you have arrived in a successful project.

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