Little Moments 2020: 4/52 | Chinese New Year

This week we had the meeting at school that I went into detail about and you can read here.  We've also had a few trips to town as I've had to get a few bits and pieces in but our main activities for this week has been for Chinese New Year.

2020 is the year of the golden rat. I want to start doing alot more seasonal activities with Blake this year and am using the National Trust 2020 nature month by month a childs Almanac. The book has many wonderful ideas for each month and I'm especially excited about getting involved learning new things myself as we go along.

So Chinese New Year was yesterday and to celebrate Blake and I raided the craft box and made a chinese fan and a Chinese dragon using card and other bits I found in our supplies 

We also found a video of the Chinese New Year The Great Race on YouTube to explain about how the names of each new year came about. 

We also decided to watch Mulan as it's in my Disney princess box set and is actually one of the films I am yet to see so it felt fitting to watch it. Of course you can't do Chinese celebrations without eating noodles so that's what we had for dinner although Stuart and I had stirfry and beef with ours. 

What have  been your little moments of  the week?