How Journaling Can Help Manage Our Mental Health

Recently I have found Journaling to be really helpful to me especially with regards to my mental health. There is no right or wrong way of doing it. My two favourite ways to  journal are a journal which has written prompts inside for each day and the other is a notebook where I write whenever and whatever I want in it. You could also grab a notebook and find prompts on pinterest to use or there is the option of bullet journaling as well. The great thing is there is no pressure as how you go about it, as it is entirely up to you. These best ways to start journalling for mental health is a great resource. 

Journaling has many benefits for our mental health and so I wanted to share them with you. If you are on the fence like I use to be than hopefully this post will help you decide if journaling is for you.

If we are using a journal to write down our thoughts it can provide us with an outlet. I've found  since starting to journal that it's a great way of being able to free up the mind. With some days giving the feeling as if a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders.

Having a place where you have all your thoughts written down is handy. That way if like me you  can read back what you've  written. This can then help you to process your thoughts.

Identify patterns
 Journalling is a great way to enabled you to recognise any patterns for example what your anxiety triggers are, what triggers  your low moods, your sleep patterns, behaviours etc. 

Having a journal is a great place to just have a good rant when you need to . It helps to release tension in a healthy and safe way.

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