Looking after my mind and mental health in 2020

In 2019 I didn't look after my mind and mental health very well either. I think relocating, Stuart's issues, home problems along with Blake's autism diagnosis and the constant meetings meant I've not focused on me enough. I've not really talked much about the mental health issues I had during 2019 fully and it's still something I'm not fully comfortable about. But the basics of it was I had my medication increased which in return had awful side effects where I was hallucinating.

So 2020 I'm making sure I focus on my mental health and get help when I need it. My goals also include ways to help improve my mental capacity as well. So here are ways I'm planning to improve my mental life: 

- Be more open about how I am feeling
- Learn how to manage stress
- Reduce stress and anxiety 
- Be more organised 
- Leave my comfort zone more
- Practise mindfulness 
- Meditate 
- Prevent burnout
- Focus on selfcare
- Create to do lists 
- Seek professional help when needed
- Keep a memory jar
- Keep diary writing
- Refer myself for counselling 
- avoid being around toxic people
- spend more time alone doing the things I love
- Find ways to help keep me motivated 
- Learn to say no
- Explore my creative side more

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