Looking after my physical health in 2020

Looking after my body and overall phyical health in 2020 is really important. It's an area that I have put on the weigh side in 2019 and because of that I'm now not great physically and have a lot of areas I need to improve on.  

After having some rather frustrating symptoms last year. I finally went to the Drs and got myself a blood test which revealed I have type 2 diabetes. When I had my nurse appointment I was shocked at how high my blood sugar levels are.  

With that said in regards to my physical health goals for 2020 it's not just about making healthy changes to my diet and exercising but so much more. 

Here are some ideas of what i will be doing this year to improve my physical health:

- Cut out sugar in my diet 
- Eat smaller meals
- Get my 5 a day
- Cut out fast food
- Watch how much carbs I'm having
- Drink more water 
- Drink less caffeine 
- Cut out alcohol completely 
- loose weight
- Move more 
- Set aside time to exercise for at least 10 mins a day
- Get a better sleep routine
- Take vitamins
- Have regular checkups at my Drs
- Make sure I take my medication 
-  Attend my diabities appointments
- Get my eyes tested
- Go to the dentist regularly 
- Look after my hair
- Look after my skin