LITTLE MOMENTS 2020: 6/52 : Our Anniversary

On the 4th February it marked 8 years since Stuart and I got married. To celebrate we went out for a meal at Prezzo along with Blake.

Yes it wasn't romantic but we all had a lovely family meal. When Stuart and I have the rare date night we find we mainly talk about Blake anyway. 

As for gifts you wont see anything designer or expensive here . You certainly won't  find useless items that we don't need. Instead you will see gifts of things that we want that are reasonably priced. 

This year I gave Stuart money so he could buy a retro console to add to his ever growing collection. For me he picked out some books from my amazon wishlist.

I love that when it comes to books Stuart always picks the ones that get me out of my comfort zone. He could for example of picked out thrillers or a romance for example but instead he opted for the ones pictured above. The creativity one btw is a fun journal.